Reopening & Reigniting your practice - A guide for NYSCA members

Your service to public health throughout the covid crisis is appreciated. At this stage some of our colleagues are looking to reopen their practices and begin providing 'emergency chiropractic services'. Others have been open in this essential capacity and are anxiously awaiting the green light to provide a full spectrum of chiropractic care. To assist you with both of those strides forward, the NYSCA has created a guide to opening and reigniting your practice.

Reopening & Reigniting your practice - A guide for NYSCA membersPlease review the attached NYSCA Guide to Reopening and Reigniting Your Practice. Use it to follow best practices, reconnect with your patients, and use it to guide your return to thriving in clinical practice.

For those awaiting progression to full spectrum of care including wellness services, the NYSCA has been actively working to advocate and get clarity on the date this will begin. We will share the good news as soon as we receive it. Please keep an eye on your email. Remember the date will vary from region to region.

Stay healthy and stay vigilant! Best of luck reopening and reigniting your practices!

-NYSCA Officers

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