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  • Scope Modernization Bill - A4150 (O’Donnell) | S6047 (Goundares)
  • The Title VIII Coalition Partnership Bill - A715 (Peoples-Stokes) | S5581 (Scarcella-Spanton)
  • Retrospective Audit Look Back Bill - A7590 (Lavine) | S7076 (Scarcella-Spanton)

2024 Legislative Update

The 2024 legislative session began on January 3, 2024. As this is the second year of the two year legislative cycle, the bill numbers and sponsors will remain the same. The legislative committee has continued to work on the legislative priorities for NYSCA in the off session and is continuing to push our legislative priorities in this new session.

As always, the scope modernization bill remains our number one legislative priority. The Assembly Bill number is A4150, sponsored by Assemblymember Daniel O’Donnell,  and in the Senate, the bill is S6047, sponsored by Senator Andrew Goundares. Our lobbyist, Amy Kellogg, has been hard at work meeting with our sponsors and relevant committee chairs to further their understanding of the necessity of the bill and to discuss roadblocks and opposition to passage. To that end, we have received and responded to concerns raised by other providers who have questions about our scope of practice bill draft. We are in the process of meeting with these groups and  other stakeholder groups.

Another legislative priority remains the coalition partnership bill. This bill will allow a wide range of healthcare professionals to form partnerships with each other, and with medical doctors, should they so choose. Our Assembly bill sponsor remains Assemblymember Crystal People-Stokes, and the bill number is A715. In the Senate, the bill number is S5581 sponsored by Assemblymember Jessica Scarcella-Spanton.

Our third legislative priority  is a modification of the retrospective insurance lookback period that we passed a number of years ago. The current legislation, S7076 also sponsored by Senator Jessica Scarcella-Spanton,  and A7590, sponsored by Assemblymember Charles Lavine, will modify this law to limit the retrospective audit look back to three months. We will be joined in this legislative effort by other healthcare providers in New York including the Medical Society of the State of NY.

The legislative session is scheduled to conclude on June 8, 2024, and we will be hard at work advocating for our legislative priorities in this session. 

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For any questions regarding the legislative activity of the Association, please contact the legislative committee chair using our contact form