Corporate Sponsorship

Who Are NYSCA Corporate Sponsors?

NYSCA Corporate Sponsors are trusted business partners whose valuable contributions help NYSCA achieve its goals in advocating for our members and their patients. NYSCA Sponsors have a proven track record in assisting New York chiropractors with reaching their individual practice goals and in staying on the cutting edge of the health and wellness revolution in their communities.

When NYSCA members are planning to make a purchasing decision, we encourage them to first consider products and services offered by NYSCA Sponsors. 

Become a NYSCA Corporate Sponsor

Cost and Benefits of NYSCA Corporate Sponsorships

  Premier Level Diamond Level Platinum Level Gold Level
Annual pledge by sponsor $10,000 $5,000 $2,500 $1,200
Linked banner ad on
*Exclusive privilege of Diamond & Premier Level Corporate Sponsors
  not available not available
Listing in the sponsorship directory
Advance convention registration
Discounts on exhibitor packages at NYSCA conventions (includes premium exhibitor location) Complementary refreshment & luncheon sponsor; ad in event program 
$7,700 value
Complementary refreshment sponsor & ad in event program 
$2,700 value
25% discount on all exhibitor packages 
up to $1,200 value
10% discount on all exhibitor packages 
up to $450 value
Complementary ad space in NYSCA's quarterly newsletter, On The Agenda Full Page
$1,300 value
Full Page
$1,300 value
Half Page
$800 value
Quarter Page
$500 value
Updated membership list for postal mailing, emailed in .CSV format Up to 4 times per year upon request
$1,000+ value
Up to 4 times per year upon request
$1,000+ value
Up to 2 times per year upon request
$500+ value
1 time per year upon request 
$250+ value

For details regarding the application process and policies related to NYSCA sponsors and supporters, please view the NYSCA Corporate Sponsorship Policies using the link below.

NYSCA Corporate Sponsorship Policies

 Additional Information on NYSCA Corporate Sponsorships

  • Sponsor Objectives: NYSCA Corporate Sponsor listings are meant to inform NYSCA members of companies that directly support the Association, and who offer various types of products, services and information as a service to our members. Corporate Sponsors are expected to market their products and/or services with awareness of the professional and practical needs of our members. The NYSCA reserves the right to refuse service to any applicant which, in the opinion of the NYSCA, is unlikely to contribute to the overall objectives of our Association. An accepted Application/Contract in no way constitutes an endorsement (direct or indirect) of a product or service by the NYSCA.
  • Payment: You may submit payment for your corporate sponsorship via credit card when you sign up to become a NYSCA Corporate Sponsor Online. Payment in full must accompany contract submission. 
  • Renewal of Sponsorship: Sponsorships renew automatically. Renewal notices are sent via email 4 weeks prior to renewal date.  If you do not wish to renew your sponsorship, we request that you please provide notice no later than two weeks prior to the sponsorship renewal date. 
  • Refunds/Cancellations: All Corporate Sponsorship dues must be paid per the terms of the NYSCA Corporate Sponsor policies. Requests for refunds/cancellations are not accepted after contract is finalized and application is approved. Notice of Cancellation of Corporate Sponsorship must be received by the NYSCA no later than two weeks prior to renewal date.
  • Note: When referencing a NYSCA Corporate Sponsorship, please use this statement as part of your materials:
The author of this document /promotion, though a NYSCA sponsoring entity or individual, is an independent organization or person and its views are not authorized, reviewed for accuracy, or otherwise approved by the NYSCA. The content of this document has not been approved by the NYSCA and should not be viewed as a direct or indirect endorsement or verification of the accuracy of the material contained therein. The NYSCA does NOT endorse and has not examined or investigated any of the products or services offered by its Corporate Sponsors.