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Membership with the NYSCA makes you a part of the largest community of practicing Doctors of Chiropractic in New York State. This affords you an unparalleled opportunity for camaraderie with colleagues in your local area, to share with them in the trials and triumphs of day to day practice.

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Why Join an Association

NYSCA chiropractors are able to benefit from membership in many ways:

  • Local Events: Attend local NYSCA events, covering current topics of interest, news, and updates, while offering opportunities for face-to-face communication and camaraderie with colleagues. Share with them in the trials and triumphs of day to day practice and be a part of the largest community of practicing Doctors of Chiropractic in New York State.
  • Online Community: Join your local NYSCA Facebook Group to receive updates, communications, and assistance from member doctors of chiropractic in your local area.
  • Conventions: Take advantage of member-only rates for semi-annual  conventions.  These events offer educational seminars, license renewal, exhibits, and special guest speakers in family-friendly venues.
  • Education: Enroll in Monthly CE Webinars

    Benefit from continuing education programs of the highest caliber covering topics in education, insurance, industry, workers' compensation, no-fault, and practice management.
  • Communication: Receive breaking news sent to you on critical issues via e-mail, e-newsletter, and/or regular fax updates, as well as up to the minute updates via social networking platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram).
  • Collaboration: Participate in the members-only forums, where you can ask and answer questions pertinent to your practice.
  • Member Exclusive News:  Access members-only content containing up to date information, including research, committee reports, legal matters, legislation, articles for daily practice, and the recent activities of the NYSCA published in the Members Only section of our website and in our e-newsletter.
  • Cost Savings: Benefit from the Member Privileges Program,  which offers members-only savings from a variety of businesses. 
  • Positive Press: Complementary group membership with F4CP.
  • Practice Visibility: Update your listing in the Find-a-DC search. Potential patients can search for providers by last name, city, or zip code. Members can also include information on office location, website, and other details that distinguish your practice.
  • Practice Assistance: Apply to receive or become a practice mentor.
  • Advertising: Submit complementary (FREE) classified ads 

    (resource for career opportunities!).

  • Advocacy: Access State Legislators through full-time lobbyist, who works concert with our legislation committee to advocate for the interests of doctors of chiropractic and their patients. To learn more, visit the NYSCA Lobbying Center.
  • Leadership: 

    Participate in the annual NYSCA elections. Have an active share in shaping the future of your profession by casting your ballot in the Annual NYSCA Election. NYSCA promotes professional self-governance, which under New York State law requires governance by majority vote. 
  • Affect the Future: Participate in your professional organization on a local and statewide level! NYSCA committees, delegates, and director. positions (as well as other activities) provide an opportunity for you to become involved, to cultivate your leadership potential and people skills so that you may be better prepared to lead this profession into the future and beyond
  • And more: Receive assistance from NYSCA's full-time administrative staff with routine questions - or for more detailed assistance, contact NYSCA committee chairpersons, who are practicing doctors of chiropractic with expertise in the area of their committee.

Get Involved; Become a Leader; Affect the Future of Your Profession!

Why should YOU be a member of the NYSCA?

By joining the Association you will be taking an important step in unifying the voice of Chiropractic in New York. Collectively, we can more effectively accomplish our goals of promoting, advancing, and defending the rights of our profession and our patients. Take full advantage of this opportunity to affect the future of your profession by becoming an active member. Let YOUR voice be heard.

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