Continuing Education Policies

Event Statement:

The NYSCA makes every attempt to offer programs as publicized. We nevertheless reserve the right to alter and/or adjust program details, including but not limited to dates, locations, times, instructors, and presentation sources and sequences. You are encouraged, therefore, to contact the NYSCA to confirm program details before attending sessions. The NYSCA is not responsible for expenses and/or consequential damages suffered by registrants of altered programs.

Registration Deadline:

Early Registration pricing will apply for all participants registered at least 8 weeks prior to the scheduled event. Standard Registration pricing will be in effect thereafter.  At the door pricing will be in effect as of 5:00 pm, 2 weeks before the event is to take place.

Attendees MUST be registered and paid via credit card or check by 5:00 pm, one week before the event is to take place, to avoid additional fees. All unpaid/ late registrations and at door registrations are subject to at the door pricing: add $50.00 for 12-16 hr programs; add $25.00 for 8-10 hr programs; add $15.00 for 4-6 hr programs. FAXED REGISTRATIONS ARE NOT ACCEPTED.


To qualify for member pricing, your membership with the NYSCA, New York Chiropractic Council, or American Chiropractic Association must be active and current. Members who have been licensed in New York for fewer than two years may qualify for additional discounts.

Members who have been licensed in New York for fewer than two years, student members, Chiropractic college faculty, or members in practice over 50 years may qualify for additional discounts, but must register in advance (limited seating, certain restrictions apply. Eligibility is subject to verification. Please contact our administrative office for more details.)

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation and refund requests must be made in writing. Refunds will be issued in the manner in which payment was received and will be subject to a 15% processing fee if received more than one week prior to the scheduled event. All postage fees are non-refundable.

Cancellations within one week of event, but prior to notes being emailed, are subject to an administrative fee: $50.00 for 12-16 hr programs; $40.00 for 8-10 hr programs; $20.00 for 4-6 hr programs.

Cancellations within one week of event after notes have been emailed (including No-Shows) are subject to a processing fee: $150.00 for 12-16 hr programs; $100.00 for 8-10 hr programs; $50.00 for 4-6 hr programs.

Invalid credit cards are subject to a $10.00 fee and returned checks are subject to a $20.00 fee.

Lecture Notes:

Lecture notes will be emailed whenever possible. Should an attendee request a hard copy, the fee is $1/page (double sided).

License Renewal:

Continuing education credit (CE) is provided by Northeast College of Health Sciences. While applications relating to credit hours for license renewal in selected states have been executed for these programs, it remains attendees' responsibility to contact the state board(s) from whom they seek continuing education credits for purposes of ensuring said board(s) approve both venue and content as they relate to any seminar/ course/ lecture/ webinar/ online presentation (event). Neither a speaker's or exhibitor's presence at said event, nor product mention or display, shall in any way constitute Northeast College's endorsement. Northeast College's role is strictly limited to processing, submitting, and archiving program documents on behalf of course sponsors. Courses are valid for CE credits in "pre-approved" states, so long as it falls within the scope of practice as outlined by the corresponding state board.

NY Chiropractic License Renewal Requirements: 

Effective January 1, 2004, to renew your registration as a chiropractor, New York State Education Law requires completion of 36 contact hours of continuing education in each three-year registration period. For more details and answers to frequently asked questions, please visit NYSED Office of the Professions: Chiropractic Continuing Education Q&A. For FAQs related to Continuing Education guidance due to COVID-19, please visit: NYSED OP COVID-19 FAQ

How to obtain CE Transcripts:

NYSCA Convention courses are considered to be co-sponsored through Northeast College of Health Sciences.  Attendance records for each course are processed by the NYSCA Administrative staff and sent to Northeast College of Health Sciences within 30 days of the completion of the event. The College then sends notification emails to participants once course transcripts become available. For Co-sponsored courses, CE transcripts will be made available on the College website within 30 days of receipt of the roster from the sponsoring organization. Note: It may take up to 60 days for CE transcripts to be made available on the College website.

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