Update on NYSED Practice Alert re: Utilization of Diagnostic Ultrasound by Chiropractors

The NYSCA would like to flag a recent practice alert that was issued by the New York State Board of Chiropractic that you should have all received in your email. We know that you get a lot of email, but this was an important practice alert, and we wanted to make sure you received it and understand the context for the alert.

Last year, the NYSCA was attending a State Board of Chiropractic meeting when a question was raised about doctors of chiropractic utilizing diagnostic ultrasound. As the conversation progressed, it appeared that the Board may have been leaning towards putting out a practice alert that determined that diagnostic ultrasound was not under the chiropractic scope of practice.

At that point, the NYSCA intervened and pointed out to the Board that there was precedence from many years ago, that supported chiropractors’ use of ultrasound for diagnostic purposes and that in fact, it is and should be allowed under our current scope of practice, The Board held off on a decision at that meeting and asked for more information. The NYSCA sent the board information to support our belief that the use of diagnostic ultrasound falls under the chiropractic scope of practice. After this conversation and reviewing the submitted literature, the Board ultimately concluded that the use of diagnostic ultrasound does in fact fall under the scope of chiropractic practice and this directly led to the issuance of this alert.

The NYSCA attends all State Board of Chiropractic meetings and is always actively advocating for the profession. These practice alerts are very important to the profession and serve as the explanation of our scope of practice until the Scope Modernization bill is passed into law. As you know, this is our number one legislative priority for the profession, and we are working hard to advance this legislation.

If you have any questions, or other issues you would like us to review and flag for the State Board of Chiropractic, please let us know.

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