Medicare Update from ACA

According to the 2024 Medicare Physician Payment Schedule (MPFS), chiropractors are experiencing a 5.37 MPFS percent cut this year.  

Included in the federal spending package to be signed into law today intended to keep the federal government running through the fiscal year, is a provision that calls for a 1.68% reduction to the 5.37% cut that chiropractors are currently facing. This provision would effectively reduce that cut for the rest of the calendar year to 3.69 percent.

It will be in effect as of March 9th and will not impact payments for services delivered between January 1st and March 8th, 2024. In essence, the cut is NOT retroactive, but will apply to claims filed on and after March 9th.

Be aware, in addition to our work on the Chiropractic Medicare Coverage Modernization Act, ACA is committed to working with our coalition partners to find remedies to the broken Medicare payment system in general.  Stay in touch with ACA communications for updates and calls to action on these and other legislative issues. 

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