NYSCA 2024 District Officer Elections

One of the benefits of NYSCA membership is your opportunity to have an active share in shaping the future of your profession by running for leadership positions and casting your ballot in the Annual NYSCA Elections. The NYSCA promotes professional self-governance, which under New York State law requires governance by majority vote. 

For NYSCA members hoping to qualify for serving as an Officer or Director of the Association, the best way to start is by being active in your local district! Since this is an even-numbered year (2024), district elections will be held this May at your regularly scheduled local district meeting.

District Officer Positions

The District President and Vice president are elected from among the district's membership.  To be eligible to campaign for the position of District President or Vice President, nominees:

  • must be an active (regular, associate, in-state affiliate, disabled, retired, or life) member of the Association.
  • must reside or work within the boundaries of the district for at least one year prior to nomination.
  • must have attended at least seventy percent (70%) of district meetings in the year immediately preceding nomination.

In general, the District President serves as Delegate and the vice president serves as an Alternate Delegate to represent the district to the NYSCA House of Delegates.  In some cases, the district president may choose to appoint a different district member in good standing to serve as the district’s delegate or alternate delegate. 

Additionally, a Secretary and/or Treasurer may be appointed by the district President from among the district members in good standing and willing to serve, unless objected to by a majority of district members.

If members have any comments or questions regarding this process,  please use the Contact Us form to email the NYSCA Administrative Office.

NYSCA Committees

The NYSCA has seven standing committees in place to assist our members and coordinate efforts to protect, promote, and support the profession in the state of New York.  If you have particular skills, experience, or interest in working with one of the NYSCA Committees, we urge you to reach out to express your interest! 

Please use the Contact form on the NYSCA website to connect with the committees that you would like to support.

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