NYSCA Member Spotlight - Dr. Brenda Covell - District 17 President

Brenda Covell DCDr. Brenda Covell's involvement in NYSCA began in her final year of chiropractic college. She was a student delegate for a NYSCA convention in 2016 and after graduation served as secretary for District 17.

In 2022, Dr. Covell began her term as the NYSCA District 17 president. She works diligently to secure engaging and educational speakers for the District's monthly meetings. Dr. Covell hopes to encourage chiropractic students to continue their involvement in their state association wherever they decide to practice. She also endeavors to promote the value of association membership for New York Chiropractors.
In February 2023, the NYSCA and the New York Chiropractic Council gathered for a social event to celebrate and promote chiropractic unity in Western New York. In March 2023, NYSCA District 17 will offer a 2-hour virtual continuing education presentation: "Beyond the Binary - An Introduction to Gender and Sexual Identity."
Dr. Covell is passionate about supporting and treating patients throughout the unique challenges of pregnancy and postpartum. She's happy to practice in a profession that brings healing to people in all stages of life.

Learn more about Dr. Covell at www.covellchiropractic.com.

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