Northeast College, Industry Leaders Talk About the State of Chiropractic in New York State

On June 21, 2022, Northeast College of Health Sciences President Dr. Michael Mestan led a discussion about the state of chiropractic in New York state, featuring leaders from the New York State Chiropractic Association (NYSCA) and the New York Chiropractic Council.

The presentation centered first around a survey sent earlier in the year to Northeast chiropractic students, gauging thoughts and perceptions of chiropractic practice in the state. Northeast's President Mestan was joined by two expert chiropractic practitioners and industry leaders, President of NYSCA Dr. Anthony Palumbo and New York Chiropractic Council past president and current Regents Council member Dr. John LaMonica.

Topics covered important ground and included scope of practice modernization in New York, patient reimbursement for services, advocacy for the profession and membership in state chiropractic organizations. 

Over his 26 years in practice, Dr. Palumbo has held chiropractic licenses in New Jersey and Florida, in addition to New York. When asked how the current scope of practice for chiropractic in New York state impacts his practice, Palumbo noted a great need to work with the state to modernize and ensure that scope of practice better reflects what today's chiropractors are expertly trained to do.

Dr. LaMonica shared his own reflections that "We are doing a lot here in New York. The basis of the scope of practice is that we always make sure we are practicing within that scope, whatever it is at the time, and that's the key." He added that state professional associations help ensure members are practicing as they should.

When asked their thoughts on the promise of successful careers for new NYS-based doctors of chiropractic, both Palumbo and LaMonica agreed that the potential was extremely strong. "Overall, I've been thrilled to practice in this state. I've done well here and am proud to call it home and to have adjusted a multitude of patients and changed their lives in the process," Palumbo said.

During the presentation, Dr. Mestan acknowledged the work of Drs. Palumbo and LaMonica, as well as their respective organizations, to further the much-needed modernization efforts in New York state.  "From a Northeast College perspective, we advocate to legislate broadly and practice as narrow or as specific as you wish," Dr. Mestan said. "I think we all agree that our chiropractic graduates must be allowed to practice what they are taught (in Northeast's program)."

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