Chiropractical: Scary True-Life Tales From the Claims Vault

Episode 15 in the Podcast Series Drops Oct. 14

CLIVE, Iowa — (Oct. 13, 2021) — Scary stories are perfect for Halloween, but not so much for DCs (or their malpractice providers). Case in point:

  • The married DC who dated two of his employees (and swore them both to secrecy),
  • The patient who amputated a limb to get more from a malpractice claim, or
  • The young boxer who was disabled due to the negligence of her DC.

These and other truly frightening examples are just a taste of what you’ll hear in the next episode of Chiropractical. Join NCMIC’s own Chick Herbert, senior vice-president of enterprise organizational development; Melissa Knutson, senior vice-president of insurance operations;
Mike Whitmer, vice-president of chiropractic insurance programs; and David Siebert, president, as they recount these super spooky, true tales from the claims vault, and let you know how you can avoid being the topic of the next office Halloween party.

The 15th episode of NCMIC’s popular chiropractic podcast drops Oct.14. To learn more about Chiropractical, visit The website provides transcripts, biographies and additional resources on the topics discussed during the monthly podcast.

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About Chiropractical 

In June 2020, NCMIC, the nation’s largest chiropractic malpractice insurance company, launched Chiropractical, a podcast designed to give DCs the tools, knowledge and resources they need to build and grow a practice that empowers them to create a life they love. It is hosted by NCMIC team members Chick Herbert and Melissa Knutson with special guest appearances by Mike Whitmer. Released monthly, the Chiropractical podcast is available wherever you find your podcasts.  


NCMIC was formed in 1946 by a group of doctors of chiropractic with the express purpose of offering malpractice insurance to DCs when no one else would. Delivering on its promise, ‘We Take Care of Our Own,®’ NCMIC has grown to become the largest provider of chiropractic
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