New York State Regulatory Action Published Regarding Vaccine Mandate

Back in August, New York had issued a vaccine mandate that applied to all healthcare workers in hospitals, long term care facilities and nursing homes. It required these facilities to develop and implement a policy requiring employee vaccinations, with limited exceptions for those with religious or medical reasons. According to the language as written, we did not believe this would apply to private office settings.

The emergent regulations were memorialized in last week's State Register. As anticipated and as the attached memo attests, the emergency regulations only apply to "covered entities" - principally hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care facilities and the like; not group or individual private practices. It can be accessed using the link below.

New York State Department of Health:
Public Health and Health Planning Council - Prevention of COVID-19 transmission by covered entities

And as you might know as well, the federal district court issued a temporary injunction blocking the regulation from taking effect and scheduled hearings on the complaint September 22.

Judge blocks medical worker vaccine mandate in NY state

The injunction is only temporary and whether the regulations will be stayed is an open question. That said, the regulations do not appear to apply to or affect group and individual private practices at this time.

As usual, the NYSCA will seek to inform its members of any changes on a timely basis.

Yours for better health,
The Officers of the New York State Chiropractic Association

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