Chiropractical: The Importance of Patient History

Episode 14 in the Podcast Series Drops Sept. 9

CLIVE, Iowa — (Sept. 8, 2021) — Are you getting all the information you need when treating your patients? Many times, doctors don't. Whether a new patient, a new-to-you patient, or even existing patients, you gather important information through the exam and history and review any relevant documentation, right?

That wasn’t the case in the example you’ll hear in the latest episode of Chiropractical. A complaint of back pain resulted in the discovery of a disc herniation and surgery for the patient. Could it have been prevented?

If you’re ever going to be sued as a practicing DC, it’s likely to be for this, says Chick Herbert, senior vice-president of enterprise organizational development for NCMIC. On the next episode of Chiropractical, Herbert, along with Melissa Knutson, senior vice-president of insurance operations; Mike Whitmer, vice-president of chiropractic insurance programs; and Dr. James Demetrius, a clinician, author, educator and a board-certified chiropractic orthopedist discuss why this condition is so rarely caused by chiropractic and what you can do to avoid possible litigation.

The 14 th episode of NCMIC’s popular chiropractic podcast drops Sept. 9. To learn more about Chiropractical, visit The website provides transcripts, biographies and additional resources on the topics discussed during the monthly podcast.

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In June 2020, NCMIC, the nation’s largest chiropractic malpractice insurance company, launched Chiropractical, a podcast designed to give DCs the tools, knowledge and resources they need to build and grow a practice that empowers them to create a life they love. It is hosted by NCMIC team members Chick Herbert and Melissa Knutson with special guest appearances by Mike Whitmer. Released monthly, the Chiropracticalpodcast is available wherever you find your podcasts.

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