Update on NBCE Pt. IV Exams

Dr Michael Mestan, President of New York Chiropractic College informed the NYSCA this week that the NBCE and NYCC have agreed on a format to reinstate Part 4 of the National Boards on the NYCC campus in May of 2021.

The NBCE was effectively barred by the executive orders issued by Governor Cuomo from holding the Board exams on the Seneca Falls campus due to the size of the gathering exceeding NYS limitations.

The shutting down of the testing affected hundreds of candidates who would have taken the examinations in May and November of 2020.

While many of the candidates have managed to sign up for alternate sites this November, this comes at considerable travel costs and with the loss of opportunities for employment or entering private practice in the months since May.

The NYSCA has been diligently advocating for relief for those affected through efforts with the college, NBCE and New York State.

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