Attention: Network providers for American Specialty Health (ASH)

Your office may have received a notice from American Specialty Health (ASH) titled REMOVAL FROM PARTICIPATION FOR SPECIFIC CLIENT SOURCES. The letter indicates that your office has been terminated from participation in Medicare specific Client Summaries as allowed in your ASH Practitioner Services Agreement.

The NYSCA Insurance committee has learned that this letter was sent out in ERROR and contains a critical typographical error. The letter inadvertently references Medicare, when it should have referenced Medicaid.

Based upon our conversation with ASH, it is our understanding that there is no change to your office’s participation in any Medicare or Medicare Advantage program managed by ASH. You are encouraged to verify this information with ASH. We anticipate that ASH will be sending an updated communication regarding this issue.

We thank our NYSCA members for bringing this issue to the attention of the NYSCA Insurance Committee. By sharing information, we will continue to assist and grow our profession.

The NYSCA Insurance Committee

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