Reopening NY and New Guidance for Essential Businesses

As NY begins to reopen, there is some new guidance for operating a business as part of essential services. In summary, you must have a detailed safety plan and be following the phase one guidelines. 

As the regions have met designated metrics, reopening will be permitted to begin with Phase 1, which includes certain agriculture, retail, manufacturing, and wholesale. A full list of the industries and businesses approved to open in Phase 1 can be found here

The Empire State Development (ESD) has set forth specific health and safety guidelines (and obligations) for industries and businesses that will be reopening.  Broadly, they relate to social distancing, hygiene, protective equipment, screening, and contact tracing.  

In addition, ESD has provided a template for businesses to use to create a tailored business re-opening safety plan.  The template has been attached to this email for your review and use.  Please note that every business in New York will be required to have a business re-opening safety plan. This plan does not have to be submitted to the state, but it must be on hand and ready for review if asked for by the New York State Department of Health or local county health officials. 

Critically, this new guidance makes clear that those businesses that have been deemed essential businesses, and have continued their operations, must also meet these new requirements.  The FAQ document released in conjunction with the guidance addresses this specifically in questions 4, 5 and 6.  The link is here if you would like to review the questions and answers.   

As you will see there is no specific guidance for the healthcare industry.  It has been made clear that essential businesses must follow the same guidance as reopening businesses.  If you review the phase one guidelines linked here, and open any of the guidelines for the outlined industries, you will notice a great degree of similarity. Following this general guidance is required for all essential businesses. Please make sure your business is adhering to these standards and requirements.

If your business is operating as part of essential services, please make sure you have your safety plan in place.  

Thank you for continuing to serve both the needs of public health and chiropractic patients.  Stay well!

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