COVID-19 Resources for your practice

There are daily developments in the Coronavirus situation that is impacting the entire world. The NYSCA will try to keep abreast of all developments and inform the membership the best of our ability.

  • Covid-19 cases are expected to continue to increase throughout the state as testing becomes more widespread.
  • In New York, the decision for Chiropractic practices to remain open remains within the heart and hands of the individual doctor.
  • Governor Cuomo stated that “Pharmacies, grocery stores, medical facilities and gas stations will remain OPEN”
  • Pre-screening of patients via phone is recommended to eliminate any persons suffering from cough, cold or flu symptoms.
  • Practicing regular disinfecting of all hard surfaces and frequently touched items such as clipboards, headrests, door knobs, countertops etc. should be done frequently throughout the day.
  • Regular hand washing remains critical.

New York State has supplied the following links for use, including posters for your use.

Additional resources may be found using the links below:

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