Setting the record straight: The new 1/1/2020 NYS Workers' Compensation Fee Schedule

The NYSCA Workers' Compensation Committee has received numerous calls from our members regarding the revised 1/1/2020 Workers' Compensation Chiropractic Fee Schedule.  A fair amount of misinformation is being communicated, particularly in the downstate region, resulting in confusion in the application of the 1/1/2020 Schedule.

Please note the following:

  1. The new 1/1/2020 NYS Fee Schedule supersedes the 4/1/19 fee schedule.

  2. CMT continues to be listed as a Physical Medicine Service, and consequently subject to the physical medicine conversion factor.  Despite rumors to the contrary, there has been no change to this categorization since the inception of the Medical Treatment Guidelines and related Chiropractic Fee Schedule.

  3. To review the changes in the conversion factor applicable to your region, you may visit the New York State Worker's Compensation web portal.

  4. The NYSCA cannot distribute the revised fee schedule.  CPT codes are copyrighted by the AMA.  According to the WCB, The Official New York Workers' Compensation Medical Fee Schedule may be purchased from OptumInsight 360 by writing to PO Box 88050, Chicago, IL 60680-9920, by calling (800) 464-3649 option 1 or online at, keyword "New York". The Fee Schedule may also be examined at the Office of the Department of State, 162 Washington Ave., Albany, NY 12231, the Legislative Library, the libraries of the New York State Supreme Court, and the Workers' Compensation Board District Offices.

  5. Please contact your local NYSCA district for additional or clarifying information.  Share and learn from your fellow NYSCA members!

As many of you have noted, the increase in reimbursement far exceeds the cost of your NYSCA membership.  We hope it enables you to continue your pursuit of excellence in the delivery of Chiropractic Care. 

As always, thank you for your continued support.  

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