On The Agenda | September 2019 Digital Edition

NYSCA On the Agenda

On the Agenda is published quarterly by the New York State Chiropractic Association (NYSCA). It is designed to provide information about the Chiropractic profession and NYSCA activities and initiatives. Download and read the latest edition today!

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Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. New Members
  3. NYSCA President's Report
    Great Things are Happening in Our Profession!
  4. Sponsor: OUM Chiropractor (NYSCA Premier Corporate Sponsor)
  5. Annals of Internal Medicine Examine Chiropractic and Stroke
    ACA Update on Medicare Equality
  6. NYSCA District Information
  7. Optimal Performance...  The Ultimate Domain of Chiropractic
  8. Sponsor: Elite Medical Supply of NY (NYSCA Diamond Corporate Sponsor)
  9. Top 10 Head-to-Toe Research Quotes
  10. NYSCA 2019 Fall Convention & NYCC Centennial Celebration
  11. Laser vs. Shockwave: What is the Best Choice for Soft Tissue Injuries?
  12. NYSCA Membership Privileges and Benefits
  13. F4CP Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month
    Sponsor: Harlan Health Products
  14. Sponsor: NCMIC (NYSCA Diamond Corporate Sponsor)
  15. How to Build Your Chiropractic Practice by Using Public Speaking
  16. Create Better Documentation Using Speech Recognition
  17. NYSCA Calendar of Events
  18. Now Hiring: Ideal Team Players
  19. NYSCA Corporate Sponsors
    Earn Free Membership
  20. Investing During Volatile Markets
  21. New Practitioners Mentor Program
  22. Documenting Exacerbations under NY Workers' Comp - A Template for NYSCA Members
  23. NYSCA Webinars
    NYSCA 2019 Fall Symposium
  24. Successful Marketing is About Consistency
    Chiropractors Helping to Create Champions
  25. Sponsor: NCMIC Credit Card Processing
    Sponsor: Palmer College of Chiropractic
  26. (continued articles)
  27. ChiroCode Reference Manuals
  28. (continued articles)
  29. NYC-PAC - Support Pro-Chiropractic Candidates and Legislators
  30. (continued articles)
  31. Classified Ads
  32. Membership Application
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