Great things are happening in our profession!

The Chiropractic fee schedule for work and automobile related injuries in New York State (NYS) is governed under the regulations set forth by the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB).

Historically, under these regulations DCs have been reimbursed at a lower rate than that dictated by national industry standards.

For many years, the New York State Chiropractic Association (NYSCA) has pushed for reimbursement rates which are on par with these national standards. The NYSCA has pursued an unrelenting course which has included numerous meetings with the WCB, Department of Financial Services (DFS) and other government entities to correct these inequities applied to the Chiropractic Profession in NYS.

We are pleased to announce that the efforts expended for the Chiropractic Profession and on behalf of the public have finally met with success!

In the spirit of Chiropractic unity, the NYSCA worked closely with the New York Chiropractic Council (The Council) on this task to achieve perhaps the biggest victory for NYS Chiropractors in decades.

Recent Victories

In April of 2019, a new WCB fee schedule took effect which increased reimbursement rates across the board for all providers. We were very involved in the process and our representation also protected our profession from certain restrictions that would have diminished our role as the leading providers of drug-free conservative care. However, these changes left intact a flawed conversion rate for Chiropractic that continued to be used to calculate payments for Chiropractic services that were well below the national average.

We did not settle and continued to push forward for substantial change.

For over a decade we have been advocating for parity in WC fees. Through continued meetings and providing supporting information, the WCB has finally agreed to address the flaw in their system by proposing an INCREASE to our conversion rate. This will bring us much closer to the national standard, provide parity with similar professions, and in turn again raise our reimbursement rates further, thus reducing the economic hardship of operating in New York long faced by DCs.

Still we will not settle.

The NYSCA and the Council continue to work on other fronts to advance the Chiropractic profession. We are currently advocating through legislation to modernize the enabling law in NYS so that our scope adequately reflects the full range of our education. We also currently have a legislative bill under consideration that would emphasize the primary role of Chiropractic in the treatment of conditions before the use of dangerous and addictive medication.

On a national scale, we are focused on advancing legislation to correct the language in Medicare that limits our ability to serve senior citizens to the full extent of our training.

Our efforts have been ongoing and will continue in the future.

Undoubtedly, as in the past, we will face strong opposition as we seek to correct the flaws that restrain YOUR great profession and it has never been more important to support YOUR profession as it is now.

We look forward to additional achievements on behalf of the entire Chiropractic Profession and the public we serve, but we cannot achieve our full potential without you.

We ask that you join our efforts for you by becoming a member of your state association.

Help us, help you. Join TODAY for a brighter tomorrow!

About the NYSCA

The New York State Chiropractic Association (NYSCA), founded in 1970, believes that doctors of chiropractic can contribute significantly to public health with their expert musculoskeletal care and their focus on a natural, whole-body approach to enhancing health and wellness. The NYSCA strives to remove any barriers that prevent patients from accessing the services of doctors of chiropractic.

The NYSCA has made it our mission to provide a unified voice to protect and advocate for doctors of chiropractic, chiropractic patients and the chiropractic profession. We will accomplish this by promoting and pursuing excellence in all aspects of chiropractic practice and leading the chiropractic profession in establishing chiropractic care as the healthcare service of choice for people in the pursuit of wellness and the optimization of health.

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