NYSCA/Council Joint Unity Update

On April 11th, 2019 leaders of the NYSCA and Council met to find common ground, direction, and restore momentum to the Unity process. We are pleased to report we were able to do that.

While discussing some remaining issues in the bylaws and finding compromises, we were also able to set the stage for an upcoming June 2019 meeting. This will include further bylaws discussion, review of the Plan of Consolidation, as well as exchange of financial and membership information. Together these represent the remaining hurdles to a unified organization.

While this is a short list, there are many details.  Leaders of both organizations have expressed their desire to bring Unity to our profession for a consolidated organization that is devoted to the protection and promotion of Chiropractic in New York.  To make this a reality we are committed to specific actions and timeframes in preparation for the next meeting. The final choice of consolidation will be up to the memberships of both current organizations.

In the meantime we will continue to work together through the Joint Legislative Task Force on the chiropractic issues in New York. Please know that today marks another step forward in the efforts to create unity for chiropractic in New York.

Jason Brown, DC
NYSCA President
           Joseph Baudille, DC
Council President
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