Using the Term functional medicine in chiropractic advertising

 There are various educational sources, both internet-based and non-internet-based, offering certificate and non-certificate programs in functional medicine for chiropractors. However, although segments of the functional medicine body of knowledge may be consistent with both a chiropractor’s training and portions of the chiropractic scope of practice, its overall patient treatment approach, as well as the term “medicine’ is not within the chiropractic scope of practice. Thus, chiropractors should refrain from using the term functional medicine in their advertising.

Use of the term functional medicine in chiropractic advertising could be misleading to the public and, therefore, considered advertising not in the public interest. Penalties for advertising not in the public interest may range from being issued an Administrative Warning (AW) to revocation of your license. Failure to comply or repeated advertising violations may result in progressively severe disciplinary actions against your license.

The following statutes, rules and regulations are applicable:

Regents Rules, part 29.1(b)(9) - "practicing beyond the lawful scope"

The New York State Board for Chiropractic is an advisory board, not a regulatory board. It cannot make policy, but is called upon to advise and assist on matters related to the practice of Chiropractic in New York State. The Board functions under the Board of Regents.


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