NYS WCB to Adopt Proposed Fee Schedule Changes

 Pursuant to the provisions of the State Administrative procedure act, the Workers Compensation Board will be adopting the Proposed Medical Fee Schedule changes effective April 1, 2019. 

Successful advocacy has achieved a major change from the previously proposed plan with the removal of the 180 day limitation, which concerned many regarding it's potential impact on No Fault.  While we are pleased they removed the 180 day limitation and the (20+%) fee increases will help most practices continue to provide exceptional conservative chiropractic care, we continue to have some concerns.

Our largest issue remains the conversion factor for chiropractic when compared with other specialties.  At present, we understand that this is being looked into further based on our public comments.  Other issues we intend to continue to advocate for includes coverage for MUA (which not given a fee) and the rationale given, that it is not recommended by the Medical Treatment Guidelines, we find insufficient to justify this change.  In short, removing payment for this service circumvents the entire intent of the variance process. 
The WCB has made an updated version of the fee schedule available for purchase. 

You have our word that we at the NYSCA will continue to fight for the rights to practice chiropractic in our state based on our education and training. We would like to thank all of you who took the time to submit your thoughts to NYSCA and/or write letters to the WC board making logical arguments as to why changes were necessary. This level of engagement will be needed moving forward with future legislative issues. 

We will continue to keep you posted on developments and will continue working with the WCB to make necessary changes. We will also shift focus to begin working with the Department of Financial Services as to the impacts of these fee schedule changes on No Fault.  Again thank you to each and everyone of you that did your part. 


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