Update from the NYS Board of Chiropractic

The New York State Board for Chiropractic acknowledges and thanks Ellen Coyne, DC, for her 10 years of service. Dr. Coyne's dedication will continue as an extended Board member.

The Board welcomes Anthony Morgante, DC of Buffalo, NY and Bruce Steinberg, DC of Queensbury, NY as our newest appointed members. The addition of these doctors brings the total to six chiropractors now serving on the Board.

To better serve the Chiropractors of our state, your New York State Board of Chiropractic has initiated a program to periodically inform you of topics recently directed to us and of reviews of the practice and scope parameters presently existing in New York State. Please consider the following information-

  • REHAB SERVICES: Chiropractors may provide rehabilitative services to their patients. These services may be provided on visits independent of Spinal Manipulation. Re-imbursement is dependent on the patients insurance coverage.
  • ELECTRICAL DEVICES: Section 6551(3) of the Education Law of Chiropractors to use any electrical device essential to their practice provided such device has not been disapproved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration pending approval by the New York State Board for Chiropractic.
  • ADVERTISING: All advertising copy, transcripts, audio or video tapes must be maintained for at least one year and be made available if requested by the State Education Department. Claiming professional superiority in any area of practice is to be avoided. You may not declare your specialize in any area, but you may inform the public of any practice specialization credentials you have earned that are generally accepted by the profession. All advertisements must identify that you are a Chiropractor. You are responsible for sustaining any claims you make regarding your services - the Chiropractor has the burden of proof.

Should you have any questions regarding the above information, please contact the New York State Board of Chiropractic.



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