NYSCA Comments Helps Prod Insurance Department Into Dropping Offending No-Fault Provisions

In response to comments the State Insurance Department (SID) received from the New York State Chiropractic Association (NYSCA) and other professional groups, individuals and organizations, on August 18, the Department published a “revised” regulatory proposal floated earlier this year that, among other things, would have pegged the fees for durable medical equipment (DME) at Medicaid levels, and, in one of the other more controversial amendments referred to as the "Concurrent Care Rule," would have required the “sharing of fees among licensed health providers or the payment of a fee only to the provider whose specialty was most relevant to the diagnosis, if more than one licensed health provider treated the patient at the same time, and the treatment involved overlapping or common services.” Read more in "Members' Only" section. Not a member? Consider joining NYSCA today to access this and other regularly updated information.

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