The Palmer College of Chiropractic Women's Rugby Tradition Begins

Who says rugby is a sport just for men? The Palmer College of Chiropractic Women's Rugby Football Club played its very first game in the Quad Cities on Saturday, March 27, on Credit Island–and won handily. The women defeated the Dubuque Women's Rugby Football Club 35 to 17. The fledgling club is the first women's rugby team in the Quad Cities and is lead by president Tracy Francis, a 4th tri student from upstate New York, and co-coached by 5th tri student Don Pfau. Francis helped recruit players and organize the team, which began practicing last fall. The 20 teammates meet three times a week to practice, condition and learn the rules and strategies of rugby. Men's rugby club president Jon Glead also has assisted the team by teaching the women fundamentals. "The referee and coach of the Dubuque team commented on the extraordinary level of our players' skills, especially for a start-up team," Francis said, "which is a tribute to Don's coaching skills. Rugby is big on the East Coast, where I learned to play as an undergraduate student, but it's growing in popularity in Iowa.” "We'll be increasing awareness of rugby in the Quad Cities,” added Francis, “but we hope to spread knowledge of chiropractic, too, and how it can help athletes perform at their best."

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