NYSCA 2013 Fall Convention Summary


We had a great turnout and terrific convention. All who attended the NYSCA Fall Convention enjoyed a great round of presentations, updates, and information. For our members who were unable to attend, we missed you. Here are the highlights:

Health Care Reform: The New York State of Health (formerly Essential Health Benefit Exchange) was represented by Alice Yaker, Director of Community Outreach, and helped bring doctors up to speed on what has occurred in preparation for the January 1, 2014 implementation of New York’s health exchanges. As you may know the exchange opened for enrollment October 1st and coverage will begin next year. The NYSCA is working with the NY State of Health on a few remaining questions and concerns. We were very happy to learn that our concern regarding the pre-authorization requirement for chiropractic services listed on some initial material has been heard and addressed. No preauthorization will be required for chiropractic care. In general the positive news regarding National Healthcare in NY is that chiropractic is considered an essential health benefit (this is not so in other states). Beyond that there is much we anticipate learning over the next few months. We will keep you apprised of other important changes as we continue our dialogue with the New York State of Health.

Workers’ Compensation Updates: WC forms and guidelines relative to injured workers with chronic conditions were reviewed: An updated C4.3 and Impairment Guidelines were presented, which are utilized to declare a patient at Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) and establish permanency. Attorney Alex Dell presented an overview of the workers' compensation system from a legal / client perspective - Please remember the broader impacts of submitting a C4.3 form on your patients WC benefits.

Impairment Guidelines are to be followed to grade permanent impairment. Utilize your clinical exam and diagnostic findings and the charts provided in the Impairment Guidelines. See Chapter 11: Spine & Pelvis.

Categories of Treatment NYS WC: Initial injury, Ongoing Care/Variance, Exacerbation, and Maintenance. See chart to review categories. Which category of treatment are you rendering? What are the requirements (documentation and forms) for that type?

The NYSCA continues to detail issues and discuss your concerns with the NYS Workers' Compensation Board. We continue to require and utilize your examples during meetings with the Board - both during telephonic meetings with the Board, or in person meetings in unison with the Council. Early next month we will be meeting with an organization who has been tasked to assist in re-engineering the processes implemented by the Board. Please continue to send quality examples of your concerns.
House of Delegates Meeting: Unity efforts continue to progress as the NYSCA House of Delegates approved the majority of the bylaws for the CSSNY. A few sections which were not yet complete were returned to the Unity Committee for completion. We also anticipate receiving disclosure statements from the Council soon, moving us closer to a unified voice for chiropractic in New York.

The NYSCA House of Delegates approved a donation to the United States Bone and Joint Initiative Summit. The topic of the Summit, "Best Practices in Patient-centered Musculoskeletal Care" is important and highly relevant in the current climate of health care reform. For those not familiar, you may remember the 10 year research project of the USBJI, the United States Bone and Joint Decade. The research study on the relationship between vertebrobasilar stroke and chiropractic versus primary care physician care by Cassidy et al came out of that project. Every chiropractor in the United States owes a debt of gratitude to the US Bone and Joint Decade research project, and therefore the UBJI.

At the request of NYSCA Board Members H. William Wolfson, DC, MS (ACA Alternate Delegate) and Mariangela Penna, DC (NYSCA-ACA State Affiliate Representative), the NYSCA has renewed its contribution to the ACA’s CHAMP program. The Chiropractic Health Advocacy and Mobilization Project (CHAMP) is a national campaign raising funds in support of strategic lobbying activities intended to boost the chiropractic profession’s profile and increase its influence on Capitol Hill and within the White House. With the continued efforts of the AMA to repeal section 2706 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) which includes the 'Non-Discrimination in Health Care' language, ongoing advocacy for a patient’s ability to choose chiropractic care is needed. Individual contributions can be made online at chirochamp.org.

The House and Board discussed the future of chiropractic during our long range planning meeting reviewed Chiropractic 2025. We encourage you to review this document which portrays different scenarios which may impact and guide the future of our profession. Like our practices, the Association must continue to grow to thrive.

  • Dr. Michael Schonfeld – Lifetime Achievement Award for years of service and dedication to NYSCA and the chiropractic profession in New York State
  • Dr. Ivan Abelson – Posthumus recognition as a previous NYSCA Director and district president
  • Dr. Chris Acquisto – Recognition of service as a previous NYSCA Director
  • Dr. Michael Bernstein – Recognition of service as a previous NYSCA Director
  • Dr. Jason Brown – Recognition of service as a previous NYSCA Director
  • Dr. Frank Labarbera – Recognition of service as a previous NYSCA Director
  • Dr. Janusz Richards – Recognition of service as a previous NYSCA Director
We thank our speakers for sharing their time and expertise: We also thank our sponsors and exhibitors for their continued support in making this a successful convention: Our next convention will be March 7-9, 2014 at Mohegan Sun Casino. Stay tuned for updates. 


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