Earn Up To 2 Months FREE NYSCA Membership


… each time you refer a new member to the NYSCA!

Current NYSCA members who recruit a new regular member (not student or associate) to join the NYSCA for a full year will in turn receive a ‘thank you’ from the NYSCA in the form of two additional months added to the end of their current membership term. Or, if the new member signs up for just a half year, the recruiting doctor receives one additional month of NYSCA membership. We have even sweetened the pot: there are no limits to how many times you can benefit from this incentive.

To receive your incentive month(s), the new member must make a semi-annual or annual payment and list you on their application form as their referring NYSCA member. (You may want to give a partially filled out application form to colleagues you are recruiting.)

If you are interested in promoting this offer to your friends and colleagues who may have been considering joining NYSCA and are just waiting for someone to encourage them, and would like a list of non-members in your district, please contact your local district president or [email protected].

Membership Has Its Privileges

...and one of them is the self-respect a doctor feels, knowing that they are a part of something bigger than themselves, supporting their livelihood with collective energy and pooled resources.

You can also encourage your unaffiliated colleagues to take advantage of the NCHM promotion: new members receive a 50% discount off their annual dues when paying in full. For example, a 5th year licentiate would receive a full year of NYSCA membership for only $300! There has never been a better time to join!

What is the NYSCA?

The New York State Chiropractic Association is a statewide professional Chiropractic Association, comprised entirely of your peers and colleagues. We have joined together in the promotion, advancement, and defense of Chiropractic. In conjunction with our full time lobbyist, the NYSCA monitors all legislation that affects our profession while working to protect and expand practice rights.

Why Should All New York DCs Be NYSCA Members?

"NYSCA membership provides Chiropractors in New York State an unparalleled opportunity to advance their profession, by adding their voice of the unified defense of practice rights, scope of practice and a rightful place among mainstream Health Care." - Jack Beige, DC, Esq., NYSCA Past President

If YOU don't support your profession, who will?

For questions regarding this program, please contact the NYSCA Administrative Office at (518) 785-6346 or a member of the NYSCA Membership Committee.

New members are defined as DCs who have not been NYSCA members within the preceding 12 month period. The recruiting member’s information must be included on the new member application. Only one member can receive the credit for recruiting a new member. Recruiting incentive is not valid on students, retired/disabled, or associate applications. Eligibility subject to verification; Subsequent year’s dues payable at usual rate. New member discount offer is not valid for retired or associate members and may not be combined with other membership discounts.


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