Unity and Convention Member Update

The NYSCA just completed its 2017 Spring Convention at Mohegan Sun.  We had a great lineup of speakers, an exciting agenda at our Board and House meetings, and together we reignited the spark that will lead to a brighter future for NY chiropractors.

For our members, we'd like to share the progress regarding unification between NYSCA and the Council. 

As you may know the Council's remaining issue regarding unity was the vote included in NYSCA's affiliation with the ACA.  This is no longer an issue.  On behalf of our unity committee, the below letter was sent to the Council  We look forward to taking the next steps in this journey to togetherness. 

Dear New York Chiropractic Council Unity Committee,

The NYSCA remains committed to achieving unity for the chiropractors of New York. We appreciate that our partner in this merger shares this commitment. We are pleased to inform you of the following progress towards our shared goal.

While the NYSCA continues to find great value in our strong relationship with the ACA, we understand and appreciate the concerns expressed by the Council. At our March NYSCA convention and meeting, The NYSCA House of Delegates voted affirmatively to support the suspension of voting privileges associated with affiliation with the ACA pending receipt of approved Bylaws, Plan of Consolidation, and review of prior and updated financial disclosure from the Council by the NYSCA’s governing body.

Please note that when these items are received, appropriate time for notification to the ACA is required per our contract.

As the Council completes review of the Bylaws and Plan of Consolidation, please let the NYSCA Unity Committee know if there are issues or concerns to be discussed; we will be happy to schedule a meeting. If there are none, please advise us when the review is completed.

Regarding financial disclosure, please confirm that you are now ready for the committee to share existing financial disclosures from several years ago with the NYSCA Board and House. Also, please inform the committee when you anticipate having updated financial disclosures prepared. Once your proposed date is received, the NYSCA will prepare updated disclosure so that a mutual exchange can occur in a timely manner.

We thank you for being our partner in this process and look forward to continued cooperation as we strive towards our shared goal of unity.


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