Q&A with NYSCA 2018 Spring Convention Presenters: Dr. Evan Gwilliam


NYSCA's 2018 Spring Convention (#NYSCA18) is packed with great educational content and world-class presenters. Join us March 9 - March 11 at Mohegan Sun, to hear from some of the profession’s most compelling thought leaders. Here we pose several questions to one of our featured speakers: Dr. Evan Gwilliam.

Dr. Evan Gwilliam

Dr. Gwilliam's Presentation: "Learn to Document and Code Like a Medicare Auditor" on Saturday 3/10/18 at 8am. (For complete conference information and schedules, click here.)

How did you become interested in the topic you are presenting?
I am a chiropractor who found himself becoming certified as an auditor and coder. Some people collect stamps, or take up knitting. Helping other doctors learn how to handle Medicare is my passion.

Who should attend your presentation and why?
Anyone who wants to be able to rest easy, even if Medicare or any other payer audits them, should attend.

What about your presentation topic (or you) may surprise people?
Figuring out the insurance reimbursement world, and learning to get auditors what they need is actually not that hard.

Are there any new developments in your specialty/topic area that make your presentation at the NYSCA 2018 Spring Convention especially relevant or timely? 
Audits are on the rise, Medicare is updating some of their guidelines.

What’s your best advice to a recent chiropractic college graduate or someone who has been in the field for several years and is looking for new challenges or ways to expand their practice?
Keep up to date on changes and new developments. Doing things the same way because they have always worked does not necessarily mean that they are right.

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Learn more from Dr. Gwilliam about this topic by joining us March 9 - March 11, 2018 at Mohegan Sun. Register for the convention today by clicking here. Join the conversation online by using the hashtag #NYSCA18.








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