Corporate Sponsor: UNS Inc

The NYSCA is very pleased to welcome Ulan Nutritional Systems Inc as a Diamond Level Corporate Sponsor!

About ULAN Nutritional Systems Inc

Ulan Nutritional Systems, Inc.’s (UNS) training center in Clearwater, FL, teaches health practitioners to successfully incorporate nutrition into their practice. The various training programs offered through UNS are all based on Dr. Freddie Ulan’s experience in building his own successful nutritional practice in Glen Falls, NY.

Incorporated in 2005, UNS has grown to a staff of over 45 dedicated employees, five of which are doctors of chiropractic and experts in the field of nutrition.

Dr. Ulan founded UNS with the initial intention to teach other chiropractors his technique, called Nutrition Response TestingSM. His Nutrition Response Testing workshops are now given in over 25 major cities in the U. S. each year. The skills that health care providers learn in these workshops are then developed further through the Intermediate Nutrition Response Testing workshop, available only in Clearwater, FL.

In addition to its wide array of training options, UNS also provides test kits, lasers, exclusive nutritional products, equipment, and an entire library of DVD’s by Dr. Ulan. All of these were created with the intention of helping new and existing nutrition practitioners to augment their practices.

About NYSCA Corporate Sponsors

NYSCA Sponsors are trusted business partners whose valuable contributions help NYSCA achieve its goals in advocating for you and your patients. NYSCA Sponsors also have a proven track record in assisting NY chiropractors with reaching their individual practice goals and in staying on the cutting edge of the health and wellness revolution in their communities. Many offer substantial discounts and value-added services to NYSCA members. For all they do, we owe it to them to first consider their products and services before going elsewhere and to support those who are supporting us. Remember — when doing business with NYSCA Sponsors, you are supporting your professional organization!

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