The NYSCA Announces the Results of the 2018 Election


The New York State Chiropractic Association is proud to announce the results of our May 2018 elections.

The following individuals have been elected to serve on the Board of Directors:

  • Joseph Merckling DC—Region 2
  • Bruce Silber DC—Region 2
  • Robin Stein DC—Region 2
  • Robert Brown DC—Region 4
  • John Gerlach DC—Region 4
  • Amorette Smith DC—Region 4

 These will be joining our current Board of Directors incumbents:

  • Jason Brown DC — President
  • Lloyd Kupferman DC — Vice President
  • Louis Lupinacci DC — Past President
  • Gerald Stevens DC — Rec. Secretary
  • Chris Piering DC — Comm. Secretary
  • Anthony Palumbo DC — Treasurer
  • Joseph Lezamiz DC —Director
  • Malcolm Levitin DC —Director

At some point, pursuant to the NYSCA Constitution and Bylaws, Article V, section B.3.e. , the NYSCA Board of Directors will have a special election to fill vacancies in the Director positions created by the recent election for the unexpired terms of those Statewide Directors positions remaining.

Additionally, Dr. Mariangela Penna will continue to serve as the ACA Affiliate to the Board of Directors. 

We would like to take a moment to thank our outgoing directors for their hard work and fine efforts in supporting the NYSCA and the interests of Chiropractic in New York.

  • Gorge Rulli DC
  • Robert Martin DC
  • Robert DeSantis DC
  • Carolyn Goettsch DC
  • Gregori Pasqua DC

The terms of office of the newly elected board members will take effect as of June 1, 2018. The NYSCA thanks all the candidates that participated in this year's election and sends its congratulations to the nominees selected.

To learn more about the NYSCA Election process, please visit

NYSCA Governance

The NYSCA is governed by a democratically elected Board of Directors and House of Delegates. All governing officials are licensed Chiropractors who volunteer their time and efforts and pay full membership dues. Many of these officials also serve on committees, often more than one, which are tasked with specific projects as needs arise.

Further, New York State is divided into seventeen regional districts, each having its own elected officials and hosting monthly meetings and events. Each active district has representation in the House of Delegates to ensure that your voice is heard.

Officer/Director Elections

Election of Executive Officers, as well as election of Directors in Region 1 and Region 3, occurs in May of each odd-numbered year. Election of Directors in Region 2 and Region occurs in May of each even-numbered year.

Ballots for Board of Director / Executive Officer positions are mailed to all eligible members at the beginning of each May.

Those nominees elected to the office will assume the duties and responsibilities of their office at 12:01 AM on June 1.

If you have other questions about the election process, are interested in serving your profession as a member of the NYSCA Board of Directors, or wish to nominate someone with leadership abilities, please contact the NYSCA president at [email protected].



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