Urgent Request from the NYSCA Membership Committee

The NYSCA is excited to invite you join our ranks as we continue to advocate for Doctors of Chiropractic in New York. It is only through participation of DCs like you that we can advance the role of the profession in our state.

At the current time, the NYSCA is active in advocating for DCs to have a greater role in the treatment of New Yorkers throughout the state. In short, we are working to creating an environment where chiropractic can thrive. Among our recent activities, we have
  • Met with the Worker’s Compensation Board and the Governor’s office to protect the rights of DCs and their patients in the WC system. DCs will see a significant improvement in the rate of reimbursement in April 2019.
  • Met with the Department of Financial Services regarding the changes in the WC fee schedule and the implementation of rules in No-Fault. Additional efforts to protect the rights of injured persons and DCs are ongoing.
  • Introduced legislation that would enhance the business environment in NY for practicing DCs.
  • Introduced legislation to modernize the scope of practice in NY to allow DCs to practice to the full extent of their education and training. Our current scope was written in 1963 and is need of updating to reflect our training.
  • Expanded benefit for members in the NYSCA that allow member doctors to achieve professional and business savings that could offset the cost of membership.

To succeed, Chiropractors in New York need an active organization advocating for patients and doctors. To be a strong organization, the NYSCA needs you. Your membership application is available online here.

Please join us in our efforts to make NY a place that Chiropractors can grow and thrive!

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