NYSCA Responds to Anti-Chiropractic Remarks Made By WFAN Radio Host

On the May 2nd WFAN 66AM Sports Radio Show, Boomer & Carton, hosted by Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton, the topic of discussion was the rib injury suffered by the Yankees pitcher, Phil Hughes. During the discussion, a caller, identifying himself as “Dr. Ron” and a chiropractor in Orange County, NY, attempted to give his explanation about the complexity of the injury and how it could affect his ability to play. However, before this doctor was able to offer an explanation regarding Hughes’ condition, Carton rudely interrupted the doctor and began a long-winded chiropractic bashing, replete with a quack attack that berated the profession and mocked chiropractic education. (To hear the replay go to and listen to the audio clips dated 5/2/08, entitled “ You SIR, are not a doctor ” and 5/9/08 entitled “ Harry Carson.”). After receiving numerous complaints from the NYSCA membership, a letter was crafted by NYSCA President, Dr. Mariangela Penna and Executive Director, Dr. Karl Kranz, chastising Carton for his insulting remarks. This letter was sent to WFAN’s program director and the NYSCA is eagerly awaiting his response. The swift action that the NYSCA took on this matter is just another example of how we are constantly protecting your right to practice chiropractic in this state. The ACA and the NY Chiropractic Council have also voiced their displeasure with Carton’s remarks and chiropractic organizations in adjacent states have been alerted of the talk show host’s potentially libelous remarks. We look forward to continuing to serve you and all of the chiropractors practicing in New York. To see a copy of this letter click on the link below:


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