News From The NYS Board for Chiropractic regarding CPR/Basic Life Support (BLS) training, professional advertising cautions, and a newly appointed executive secretary.

CPR/BLS Training

Recently the New York State Board for Chiropractic has authorized CPR and Basic Life Support (BLS) courses to be eligible for continuing education credit for chiropractic licensure. With many insurance companies now requiring this for their participating providers, these hours can now be used toward CE credits in New York. A total of four hours of CPR/BLS training can be used during a three year registration period. As with all CE credits required in New York, the CPR/BLS credits must be offered through an approved sponsor. Approved sponsors are state or national chiropractic associations and chiropractic colleges that have credentialed the courses they are offering. If the course is being taught by another body, say for example the Red Cross, it must still be offered by an approved sponsor. The CPR and/or BLS course must be a "hands on course" and online versions will not be eligible for credits. As with any CE course, please check with the sponsor offering the course or with the New York State Board for Chiropractic office to be sure that the course has been approved. In the coming months the New York State Board for Chiropractic will be monitoring courses more closely for content and to make sure courses being offer have been approved.

Professional Advertising Caveat

With the slowdown in the economy, sometimes advertising can become very creative. Recently the use of internet coupons has been increasing. D.C.'s need to exercise caution when using any kind of coupon to promote their practice. When offering discounts to patients, be aware of the fact that generally, the discount has to be afforded to all patients and not just a segment of your patient population. Further, with internet coupons, issues of fee splitting and kick backs have been raised which could result in professional misconduct. Further information regarding this issue can be found on the State Board for Chiropractic website under the "practice alerts" tab at

New executive secretary appointed to the NYS State Board for Chiropractic

Finally, the board would like to welcome our new executive secretary, Dolores Cottrell-Carson,DDS, MSHA. Dr. Cottrell-Carson has previous experience with the State Education Department as she is also the executive secretary for the dental board and the optometry board. Prior to coming to the State Education Department, Dr. Cottrell-Carson was dental director of a community health center in Rochester, and has also worked in a private dental practice in addition to holding many other administrative positions.


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