NYSBC opinion regarding Massage Therapy

Chiropractic and Massage Therapy are two distinct and separate professions whose licensure and practice are authorized in New York State Education Law. Article 132 authorizes the licensure and practice of Chiropractic; Article 155 authorizes the practice of Massage Therapy.

Section 7805(1) of Article 155 of the New York State Education Law states that chiropractors are among those who are exempt from the requirement for licensure in the profession of massage for the practice of massage therapy. The scope of practice of chiropractic includes the use of massage as a treatment modality.

Therefore, a chiropractor may make determinations as to the necessity of massage therapy for a patient, and may either provide such services him/herself, employ a massage therapist to provide such services within the scope of his/her license, or refer the patient to a licensed massage therapist.

However, a chiropractor may not refer to him or herself as a Licensed Massage Therapist unless also licensed in that profession pursuant to Article 155.

Norman G. Cohen
Executive Secretary

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