NYSBC opinion regarding Diagnostic Ultrasound

Section 6551 of Education Law defines the practice of chiropractic as

"detecting and correcting by manual or mechanical means structural imbalance, distortion, or subluxations in the human body for the purpose of removing nerve interference and the effects thereof, where such interference is the result of or related to distortion, misalignment or subluxation of or in the vertebral column."

Also, the use of electrical devices by chiropractors is restricted to the above definition of practice, and, pursuant to section 73.3 of the Regulations of the Commissioner, authorizes the use of those devices deemed appropriate to the practice of chiropractic by the Department and which have not been disapproved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration.

In a May 28, 1998 letter from the Department's Office of Counsel, it was stated:

It is the Department's position that ultrasound may be used by chiropractors in their practice on condition that:
  1. The use is consistent with the scope of practice of chiropractic (Education Law §6551); and
  2. The licensee is personally qualified and competent to use ultrasound (see 8NYCRR §29.1[b][9]).

Norman G. Cohen
Executive Secretary

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