NYSBC opinion regarding Chiropractic Assistant scope of practice

I write in response to your inquiry regarding the scope of practice for chiropractic assistants.

New York State does not authorize the licensure or practice of chiropractic assistants. A licensed chiropractor in this State may hire unlicensed persons to perform various functions within the office practice, but none that are restricted to licensees, such as provision of physiotherapeutic modalities or taking of x-rays. To do so would be practicing a profession without a license, a class E felony.

However, it has been determined that so long as an individual is trained to administer a non-invasive electrodiagnostic test, there is nothing improper about having that individual mechanically administer such tests and record their results. Such activity is simply the operation of machinery and collection of data without any treatment, assessment of patient condition, or professional judgment or expertise being used. Thus, such activity is not the practice of medicine or chiropractic; it is only technician's work.

Norman G. Cohen
Executive Secretary

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