Assembly and Senate One-House Budget Proposals

Over the weekend, the Assembly and Senate released their one-house budget proposals. Today, each house will vote today on resolutions, which memorialize their one-house budget proposals.

These proposals were compiled after the Assembly and Senate held weeks of joint budget hearings and scores of meetings with a variety of stakeholders who had weighed in on the proposals contained in the Governor’s proposed budget. Each one-house budget accepts, rejects or modifies the Governor’s budget proposals that were released at the end of January and adds priority issues for each respective house.

The Assembly and Senate removed dozens of legislative provisions proposed by the Governor. Both houses have stated that they would like the budget to focus on policy that has a fiscal impact and save other provisions without a fiscal impact for discussions to be held once the budget process is completed. For example, both budgets removed the Governor’s alcohol-to-go proposal and the Governor’s proposal to reform JCOPE.

While there are many differences between the one-house budget proposals, neither the Senate nor the Assembly are proposing tax increases. Despite the economic uncertainty of inflation and the crisis in Europe, New York revenue still remains robust due to federal aid and higher-than-projected tax revenue. Both budgets include funding for universal childcare, with the Senate allocating $3.7 billion and the Assembly allocating $3 billion. Both budgets also propose adding $1.25 billion to the State Emergency Rental Assistance Program. Further, both propose creating a $345 million healthcare fund for uninsured and undocumented individuals.

Now that the one-house budget bills have been released, and once both houses have formally accepted these proposals later today, budget negotiations will begin in earnest. The final budget is due by April 1, which is just over two weeks from today. This means that the Senate, Assembly and Governor will begin meeting immediately to hash out the differences between their budget proposals with the goal of arriving at a final agreed upon budget by the April 1 deadline.

We are in the process now of digging through the one-house budget proposals and reviewing items of interest. We will send you information on proposals of importance to you. We will be following the budget closely for the next few weeks, and we will keep you apprised of any developments.

As always, please reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

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