Lobbying Update Feb 2021 - Scope

As you may be aware, in New York there a two-year legislative cycle. As this year is the start of a new legislative cycle, we have new bill numbers for our scope modernization bill. In addition, due to changes in the Assembly, we have a new Assembly sponsor.

Our new bill numbers for scope modernization are A.4358 and S.1319.

Our Assembly sponsor is Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell. Although new to this bill, he has supported our profession as sponsor of our stand-alone partnership bill. Assemblyman O’Donnell understands our issues and the importance of having an enabling law that reflects the full breadth of our education.

Our Senate sponsor remains Senator James Gaughran, who also fully understands the need for our scope to be modernized and reflect all the skills we have been taught, so we may best serve our patients.

With last year’s closures, it became evident that scope modernization is vital not only for us as a profession but also so that we may best serve our communities, not only in normal times but at times when there are statewide or nationwide emergencies. Scope modernization is a step toward becoming part of the healthcare team to fill gaps and provide care as necessary.

Although day to day meetings in Albany remain remote, please watch your email and the NYSCA website for ways you can be involved in advancing this vital legislation.

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