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My apologies, but the “PQRS for 2014” webinar has been postponed.  The government shutdown “got me.”
As most of you know, all the necessary information has normally been released by early December.  Most of it has been and, even with the shutdown, I truly believed they would have the last little bit out by today.  Unfortunately, it does not appear to be available yet, so it was felt best to postpone the webinar.  I am confident it will be published within the next week or so, but that really doesn't help when the webinar is scheduled for tomorrow.
I have rescheduled on the next available date ChiroHealth had open – January 7.  Although I was trying to make sure everyone had the information prior to January 1, the 7th is still early enough to “get it right” in 2014 from the start.
Thank you for your understanding and Happy Holidays, everyone!
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PQRS and Medicare with Susan McClelland
We Expect Changes for 2014 and
What You Don't Know Can Cost You!

PQRS reporting has changed every year and 2014 should be no exception
Susan McclellandWe have had six years to learn how to properly participate in the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) and, during that time, CMS even paid a BONUS if you participated and did it right. The good news? The bonus will continue through 2014. The bad news? Starting in 2015, there will be a PENALTY put in place (a reduction to your fees) if you are not participating in this program. The worse news? The penalty will be based on your reporting success from two years prior. In other words, if you are not reporting successfully in 2014, your fees will be reduced in 2016.

Join Susan McClelland, arguably the country's leading expert on Medicare and chiropractic, for a one-hour webinar explaining the 2014 PQRS and how to participate successfully in the coming year (you will also learn how to avoid the penalty based on 2013 reporting!). Again, PQRS 2014 reporting is expected to have changes from 2013.

When: Wednesday, December 18 at 2:00 PM EST
Cost: $79 per clinic ; $69 for COCSA state association members (Enter Discount Code COCSA 2014)

All previous PQRS webinars have SOLD OUT,
so do not delay in registering!

And remember, for doctors and staff who are unable to attend at that time,
registration guarantees you will have access to a recording of the webinar.

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After you make your online payment, you will need to use the link provided on your receipt to register for the webinar.

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