Get Ready Now: Contact Your Software Vendors, Clearinghouses, and Billing Services

With ICD-10 less than 30 days away, now is the time to get ready. You can make sure your practice is prepared by following the ABCs of ICD-10:

Today, we’ll explore “C” – “Contact your vendors.”


If you aren’t sure your systems are ready for ICD-10, contact your vendors and other business trading partners.

Ask about testing opportunities

Confirm vendors and products are ICD-10-ready

  • Call your vendors to confirm the ICD-10 readiness of your practice’s systems
    • Confirm that the health plans, clearinghouses, and third-party billing services you work with are ICD-10 ready
    • Ask vendors, health plans, clearinghouses, and third-party billers about testing opportunities
    • Many EHR vendors are including ICD-10 in their systems or upgrades—at little or no cost to their customers
  • You can use forms available in the Road to 10’s Template Library to guide discussions with vendors, health plans, clearinghouses, and billing services
  • Double check that you’ve identified all systems that use ICD codes—e.g., practice management systems, claims submission systems, electronic health record (EHR) products—when contacting vendors
  • Update contracts with vendors and health plans as needed

Keep Up to Date on ICD-10
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