Contact List for Providers with Questions About Medicare and Medicaid


On October 1 the United States health care community transitioned to ICD-10. Recognizing that providers may still need help with the transition, CMS has issued a new ICD-10 Resource Guide and Contact List to help them find answers to 
their questions.

CMS remains committed to working with the community on the transition. Help is available if you experience any challenges using ICD-10. To locate ICD-10 information and contacts quickly:

  • Step 1 Find resources on our CMS ICD-10 website and Road to 10 
    online tool.
  • Step 2 Contact your MAC for Medicare claims questions. Your MAC is your first line for Medicare claims help. MACs cannot respond to questions about Medicaid or commercial health plans.
  • Step 3 Contact the [email protected] for questions. The ICD-10 Ombudsman is an impartial advocate with a dedicated team of experts to answer your questions. Responses will typically be sent within 3 business days of receipt.

Keep Up to Date on ICD-10
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