New TPAs for Workers' Compensation, Volunteer Firefighter, and Volunteer Ambulance Claims


As of September 10, 2018, the Special Funds Conservation Committee (SFCC) will no longer be administering workers’ compensation, volunteer firefighter, and volunteer ambulance worker claims.

These claims are being transferred to new third-party administrators (TPAs), who will assume all claims administration services.

Notifying Injured Workers

Injured workers have been notified of the name and contact information of their new TPA, and have been advised to inform their legal representatives and medical providers of this change.

Medical Reporting and Billing

All requests for treatment authorization on and after September 10, 2018, must be sent to the correct TPA for the injured worker.

All medical bills received by SFCC in error during this period of transition will be forwarded to the proper TPA for resolution and payment.

Finding the New TPA

If you are providing medical treatment or legal representation for an injured worker who lists SFCC as their insurer on or after September 10, 2018, please inquire further, as the SFCC will no longer be the claims administrator at that time.

For information about the new TPA, the injured worker (or your office if you have previously submitted Form OC-400 or medical bills to the Workers’ Compensation Board for that person in that workers’ compensation case) may contact SFCC or the Workers’ Compensation Board.

Contact SFCC
Buffalo: (716) 686-5700
Dewitt: (315) 445-9405
New York City: (212) 883-3900

Contact the Workers’ Compensation Board
(877) 632-4996
[email protected]

Please note, the distribution of claims amongst the new TPAs does not follow any identifiable pattern (such as injured worker last name or injury date) that can be shared ahead of or after the transfer; however, the SFCC and the Board can provide this information to you on a case-by-case basis upon your request.

Your patience and cooperation are greatly appreciated during this transition period.


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