Workers' Compensation Update

Please be advised that the proposed increase to the chiropractic conversion factor will be going into effect on January 1, 2020 as anticipated. This change recognizes the need for parity in the Workers Compensation system and represents a positive step forward in the recognition of the value of chiropractic care. We appreciate the willingness of the WCB to address this issue.

These changes were made after years of dialogue with the WCB and through the unified efforts of the Council & NYSCA Workers Compensation Committees. The disparity in the conversion factor has been a priority of the joint efforts from the Council & NYSCA. Working together, and working with the WCB, positive change was achieved.

As of January 1, 2020, you will need to update your office fees using the new conversion factor. This will impact services defined as “physical medicine” in the fee scheduling including manipulative therapy, therapeutic exercise and modalities. It does not impact Evaluation and Management (E/M) or radiology fees.

With this change, you and all chiropractors who treat injured workers in New York will see a 33% increase in fees. It is our anticipation that parity in fees will allow chiropractors to continue to provide exceptional patient care, early and effective return to work, and reduction in need of aggressive interventions such as opioids.

The change is a great advancement for Chiropractic in New York State and a direct result of the active engagement by the leadership of NYSCA and the Council.

Jason Brown, DC 
New York State Chiropractic Association President

Joseph Baudille, DC 
New York Chiropractic Council President  

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