As you are aware the changes with Blue Cross and Blue Shield will dramatically affect your practice. Now is the time for you to get involved. On February 15, 2005, the ACA Blue CCHIP representatives met with Empire Blue Cross/ Blue Shield and ASH representatives to discuss the implementation of the Empire Blue Cross/ Blue Shield Chiropractic utilization process. Present at the meeting were representatives from both the New York State Chiropractic Association and the New York Chiropractic Council. What is Blue CCHIP? The Blue Chiropractic Clinical Healthplan Integration Program (CCHIP) is a program developed by the American Chiropractic Association in conjunction with the national Blue Cross/Blue Shield association. This Clinical Integration Program has chiropractic liaisons throughout the country, in almost every state, working with the local Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans to provide the most effective chiropractic care. The following issues were addressed 1. At our request, Empire BC/BS is re-evaluating an issue that we feel may violate our scope of practice where the doctor of chiropractic is required to refer patients back to the medical doctor for necessary diagnostic tests and laboratory services. 2. All doctors will need to be credentialed by ASH to treat Empire patients in network, even if you are already in any Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans. The March 1, 2005 is not the deadline for credentialling, but it is the hard deadline for the start of this program. All doctors who wish to join ASH should get their application in as soon as possible. For those doctors who wish to withdraw from the Empire plans and become non-participating, written notice is required to be sent to Empire. 60 days after receipt of this letter your participation will be terminated (should be sent certified/return receipt requested). 3. Out of network benefits rendered by non participating doctors are not subject to ASH authorization parameters. The fee schedule for out of network will remain as it has been, subject to any deductible or policy limits. 4. A Blue CCHIP grievance committee will be set up for direct contact with both BC and ASH with representatives from the New York State Chiropractic Association and the New York Chiropractic Council. Additional points will be forthcoming as we receive clarification from Empire and/or ASH. The New York State Chiropractic Association and the New York Chiropractic Council are working for YOU! Attend your next district meeting to find out the full information and what you can do!

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