NYSIF Streamlines Medical Billing Process

The New York State Chiropractic Association provides this information to you upon the request of, and as a courtesy to, the NYS Insurance Fund In its continuing effort to use technology to benefit policyholders, claimants and medical providers, New York State Insurance Fund CEO/Executive Director David P. Wehner announced that NYSIF has developed a state-of-the-art process for the electronic receipt of medical bills and accompanying reports. “I’m proud to announce medical bills are now being received without paper. This will definitely speed the bill-paying process while at the same time increasing accuracy. It’s a win for everyone. I congratulate our claims and information technology departments for their excellent work,” CEO Wehner said. NYSIF has selected two vendors, the Atlantic Imaging Group and P2P Link, to process bills and reports from providers and transmit them electronically to NYSIF where they will be logged-in and evaluated in an automated bill payment process. The new service is presently limited to bills submitted by providers using form CMS-1500, formerly known as HCFA-1500, or on a New York State Workers’ Compensation Board form C-4. NYSIF pays approximately 1.5 million bills per year. CEO Wehner says electronic receipt will ensure expedited and timely payments to medical providers and eliminate the need for them to place phone calls inquiring about the status of bills. “This represents a major improvement in customer service and provides more productive time for NYSIF’s claims professionals. CEO Wehner noted that NYSIF has been in the vanguard of insurance carriers finding innovative ways to integrate technology with the insurance business and the payoff has been remarkable for both the fund and its business partners. “Electronic receipt of bills is another major step forward.” The number of bills received electronically is expected to increase steadily as medical providers become familiar with the process and recognize its benefits. For additional information, contact Mr. Bob Lawson at 518 -437-3504

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