New York Chiropractic College Dedicates Foot Levelers Biomechanics Research Laboratory

Kent Greenawalt, President and CEO of Foot Levelers, joined New York Chiropractic College President, Dr. Frank J. Nicchi as they dedicated the Foot Levelers Biomechanics Research Laboratory housed on the NYCC campus in Seneca Falls, NY. Foot Levelers’ generous funding for equipment and research enabled establishment of the nation’s first biomechanical laboratory in a chiropractic setting. Dr. Nicchi expressed his pride and gratitude, remarking, “Foot Levelers’ unwavering support of chiropractic and its commitment to ongoing research has once again been demonstrated through this generous contribution.” Research at the College will address how Foot Leveler’s orthotics "facilitate proprioceptive feedback pathways and alleviate pain in individuals who suffer from various musculoskeletal pain disorders” according to Dr. Jeanmarie Burke, NYCC Dean of Basic Sciences and Research. She further noted that the new laboratory would provide the opportunity to objectively measure clinical changes that accompany neuromuscular disabilities and orthopedic conditions. It is hoped that research data may reveal how health professionals may better treat patients with complementary and alternative therapies. Essentially, the laboratory will measure combined effects of foot orthotics and chiropractic adjustments on posture, balance and gait. Established protocols will assess body symmetry within the lower extremities, spine and upper extremities in subjects as they, run, walk, and perform other physical activities. The means by which the spine and other body components are impacted by such actions will be determined through a number of means including kinematics, kinetics and electromyography. Detected misalignments in the lower extremities will be viewed to see how they influence functioning in the upper body and how chiropractors can better treat patients. "Only when research is used to help treat patients more competently and is incorporated into examinations does it find its true value,” stated Greenawalt. He saw creation of the laboratory as, as he put it, “an unparalleled opportunity to help fund important research that has the potential to help all doctors of chiropractic.” Foot Levelers, a well known industry leader in custom orthotics, has grown into one of chiropractics most respected companies. More than half a century ago Dr. Monte Greenawalt invented technology that balances the body by balancing the feet, thereby enhancing the patient’s structural integrity. Throughout the years, Foot Levelers has had a positive impact on nearly every facet of chiropractic and has demonstrated its support through donations to chiropractic colleges such as NYCC and research foundations and through substantial financial support to local, state and national chiropractic associations.

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