Palmer College Opens Center for Business Development


The Palmer Center for Business Development opened this spring on Palmer College of Chiropractic’s campus in Davenport, Iowa. The Center is designed to provide current students and new graduates with best practices in how to successfully run a business. The curriculum is free of charge to students and alumni, and offers them a supplement to what they learn in the classroom as part of the Doctor of Chiropractic curriculum. “The Center’s educational focus is on realistic, universally accepted business practices that can be easily adopted into a chiropractic practice,” said Vice Chancellor for Student Success Kevin Cunningham, D.C. The innovative co-curriculum includes modules that explore new practice design, finance structuring and business plan development, just to name a few of the components. Students and alumni will learn from case studies, interactive workshops and guest lectures featuring successful entrepreneurs and renowned business leaders from inside and outside the chiropractic profession. While it is physically offered on Palmer’s Davenport Campus, plans are underway to provide streaming video and webinars of workshops to students on the West Campus in San Jose, Calif., and the Florida Campus in Port Orange, Fla. “Accepting the challenge to become the best we can, the Palmer Center for Business Development has grasped the baton and will lead Palmer’s effort to equip students and alumni with the business acumen needed to become successful entrepreneurs,” said Palmer Center for Business Development Senior Director Dwight Bailey, Psy.D. “To this end, the Palmer Center for Business Development is the nexus for entrepreneurship education for aspiring chiropractic professionals. The Center is dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship and innovation through educational programs bridging academic training, clinical skills and business.” The Center’s services will be built around four pillars: • Self Discovery. Services in this area focus on the administration of personality and strength assessments that will helping participants identify how they might best make a contribution to the chiropractic profession. A professional coach will meet with students to discuss the kind of practice they would like to have. With career options ranging from starting a solo practice or becoming an associate to becoming a professor or researcher, chiropractic students have many career paths from which to choose. Coaches will help them make informed decisions about the direction that best suits their strengths. • Business Skill Development. This pillar encapsulates the Center’s business skill training program. Experiential and practical modules are designed to assure that aspiring chiropractors have an opportunity to tackle some of the major hurdles that entrepreneurs face as they open a business. Areas covered include financing, marketing, real estate leasing vs. purchasing, front and back office procedures as well as exposure to options in practice management firms and office equipment and software. “Through this pillar, we are providing participants an experiential learning opportunity with attorneys, real-estate brokers and marketing professionals that will prepare them to get a jump start on their competition,” added Dr. Bailey. • Career Development Center. The Career Development Center is the infrastructure that provides students and alumni with the education and coaching needed to successfully market themselves as chiropractic healthcare professionals. The Center staff supports participants in their effort to secure meaningful employment. Particular attention will be paid to activities focusing on career counseling and career matching services. In addition, the Center is developing and delivering state-of-the-art career education programming designed to assist aspiring chiropractors in their effort to reach their career goals as practitioners, researchers, professors or administrators. • Destination Success. The Destination Success symposium is the foundation pillar for all of the Center’s business and practice management events. “Regardless of the venue, chiropractors will know that when they see or hear the title ‘Destination Success,’ that Palmer College of Chiropractic is committed to not only providing students with an exceptional chiropractic foundation, but a fundamentally sound co-curricular entrepreneurial experience,” said Dr. Bailey. Palmer graduates who would like to take advantage of the services offered by the Palmer Center for Business Development may contact Marsha Hardacre at [email protected]


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