Pittsburgh P.A. – An all media call will be held at NYCC [New York Chiropractors College] on Thursday June 5th at the NYCC pool within its athletic facility. The event will focus on the cooperative environment being fostered between the U.S. Navy’s Special Warfare and Operations Programs and the college administration. Representatives from both the U.S. Navy and NYCC will be on hand to answer questions from any interested media outlet. In addition, potential recruits into the Navy’s Special Warfare and Operations Programs will be on hand to participate in interviews as well. Potential Special Warfare recruits receive focused training even prior to their entry into the U.S. Navy. The programs under the Special Warfare community include SEAL, which are the Navy’s Sea Air and Land Commandos, SWCC, [Special Warfare Combatant Crewman] EOD, [Explosive Ordnance Disposal] Navy Divers, Air Rescue Personnel and Underwater Construction Divers. All of these programs combine to make up the Navy’s Special Warfare and Operations community. The people entering into this level of training are screened for their mental and physical attributes as well as their personal level of dedication. NYCC has worked hand in hand with the Recruiting District Special Warfare and Operations Programs coordinator to provide facilities and offer assistance to ensure the potential recruits are ready for their arduous training. Media who express interest or are in need of more information should contact Petty Officer 1st Class Jeremy J. Siegrist at Navy Recruiting District Pittsburgh Public Affairs Office at 412-395-5893 or [email protected] / or Peter VanTyle Executive Director of Institutional Advancement New York Chiropractic College 2360 at (315) 568-3146. Due to the potential level of media interest in the events surrounding these events, this media advisory is being promulgated to assist both media and local representatives in any interviews or print related articles. Naval Recruiting District Pittsburgh serves the states of Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia and Maryland, with four Military Entry Processing stations in Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Buffalo and Syracuse.


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